Geraldo Rivera's Broadcast Overtaken by Baltimore Protesters Live On Air

During a live broadcast from Baltimore on Fox News, Geraldo Rivera's interview with Catherine Pugh was hijacked by protesters.

Anger boiled over when Geraldo Rivera tried to interview State Senator Catherine Pugh on Tuesday night during the chaos in Baltimore.

Rivera was doing a live broadcast when he said to protestors who were disrupting his report, "I'm with the state senate majority leader, get out of the way! Don't touch me! Stop blocking my camera! Stop blocking my camera! Stop it! You're making a fool of yourself! You're making a fool of yourself!"

The scene was tense minutes before the curfew took effect. The city was on the razor's edge as riot police and the National Guard enforced a 10 p.m. curfew. Bottles were thrown. The police responded with smoke canisters.

INSIDE EDITION’s Steven Fabian was on the scene. He said, "A large plume of smoke behind us. Police trying to get people out of the area. We are past the curfew at this point, 10:25. You want to get out of here."

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Peacemakers worked the streets appealing for people to abide by the curfew and said, “Please go home. Please be home by 10 o'clock. Don't give anybody an excuse to do something that's not right.”

A mom carried a sign that said: “Go Home. Fight Another Day.”

Reporters and photographers were ordered to leave the neighborhood and as they did they were spat upon.

There was an eerie and disturbing sight: a Major League Baseball game being played in an empty stadium because of the tense situation in Baltimore.

Camden Yards is usually filled with fans enjoying the ball game.

Instead, the game is unfolding in a ghost stadium and you can hear the crack of the bat echoing across empty stands.

Baltimore Sun sports reporter Ed Encina spoke to INSIDE EDITION, "I think they tried to do everything they did to make it like a normal game day experience. They played the anthem, they announced the players. But as you can see, it was not a normal day." 

Wednesday’s bizarre game followed a night of turbulence in the embattled city.

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The drama unfolded just 40 miles from The White House, on the night when the president and first lady hosted a state banquet for the Japanese Prime Minister.

Meantime, there's growing outrage over the rioter who was seen slashing a fire hose being used to extinguish an inferno during the height of the disturbances on Monday.

His image is being posted online in an effort to track him down.

He was seen wearing a gas mask and red and gray hoodie, taunting police.

In a photo of him unmasked, he can be seen in that same distinctive hoodie.

There was one hopeful sign the city is returning to normal. Schools reopened today. Children made their way past police in riot gear to get to class.

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