Woman Poses with Her Former Self After 150 Pound Weight Loss

After losing 150 pounds, Beth is showing the world her before and after photos in a very unique way.

Before Beth Beard embarked on her weight loss surgery almost three years ago, she asked her friend and photographer Blake Morrow  to photographer her for a before-and-after portrait. But she had no idea that it would turn into such a creative project.

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Beth’s request sparked an idea in Blake to create a photo series of his friend posing with her former self before and after she shed the 150 pounds.

“A few weeks before the gastric bypass we photographed her and we waited two years until she felt like she was in a place where she plateaued and we her photographed again,” Blake told INSIDE EDITION.

The pop culture inspired photos have hilarious different scenes of Beth interacting with herself before her body transformation.

Beth wore the different costumes behind a white background and Blake used technology to put her in new environments. “A lot of Photoshop was used but nothing was used on her body at all,” Blake explained.

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“I didn’t want to alter her body shape, we wanted it to be honest, so people can look at it and in midst of how people hate photo shop this can be really encouraging to show the changes someone made in their own life.”

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