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Did 'SNL' Steal Another Skit?

'Saturday Night Live' is accused of ripping off a skit from a Canadian comedy troupe.

Saturday Night Live is being accused of ripping off a hilarious skit from a Canadian comedy troupe.

The SNL skit showed a game show contestant who was asked to draw the Prophet Muhammad, but the Canadian comedy show, This Hour Has 22 Minutes, aired a strikingly similary skit  in January.

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Mark Critch, who played a contestant on the Canadian skit, told INSIDE EDITION of the Canadian and SNL skits, "Similar costumes, the same lines and pretty much the exact same skit."

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This isn't the first time SNL has stood accused of comedy thievery. The show with guest host Sarah Silverman imitated Tina Turner and her backup singers, performing "Proud Mary" and talking about their lives. It was similar to a performance by the improvisational group The Groundlings Theater out of Los Angeles.

While NBC had no comment, the Canadian TV show producers said in a statement, "While imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, (our show) takes infringement of its intellectual property very seriously."

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