Bride Who Nearly Died Trashing Her Dress: 'I Don't Regret It'

A bride who had to be rescued when she almost drowned trashing her wedding dress told INSIDE EDITION she doesn't regret the stunt.

One bride tried out a crazy new trend - trashing her wedding dress!

In a video, someone could be heard asking, "Want me to jump in after you? So she doesn't sink."

What a fateful remark that turned out to be.

As her new husband, Eric, tread water, the bride, Amy Zuno, jumped in the water.

Things suddenly went desperately wrong as the bride was pulled under by the weight of her waterlogged gown.

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In one video, she can be seen sinking like a stone with her gown closing over her head.

A bridesmaid tried to help, and then others leap in.

The bride fought her way to the surface, gasping for air after a frantic 25 seconds under water.

Amy told INSIDE EDITION, "I felt the weight of the dress on me. I heard screaming and people jumping into the water so then I was like, okay, maybe I just got married and I'm going to die today."

Amy and her husband, Eric, told me about her brush with death.

Eric commented, saying, "I couldn't get the dress over the top of her head so I started to panic."

In the video, there was relief on her face as she bobbed up.

She said, "I don't regret it," when looking back on the situation.

'Trashing the dress' has become a big trend among brides.

One newlywed had someone torch her wedding gown with her in it! Then, she ran into the sea to douse the flames.

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Another bride rolled around in the mud in her wedding dress.

It's all good fun, but sometimes it can go tragically wrong.

Another newlywed was killed when she jumped into a river in her wedding dress. She was pulled under and drowned.

Louis Pagakis, her wedding photographer, told INSIDE EDITION, "She went in and her dress got heavy. I tried everything I could to save her."

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Now another frightening reminder that "trashing the dress" can backfire.

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