Selfie Sticks Are More Dangerous Than You Think

INSIDE EDITION looks at the hidden dangers of selfie sticks.

While selfie sticks can be fun accessories, they also can pose dangers.

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Selfie sticks exploded onto the U.S. market in 2011 and you're bound to see them just about everywhere this holiday weekend.

But selfie sticks can sometimes be dangerous - and there's a growing movement to ban them from certain public places, like in museums and galleries for fear they may damage priceless works of art. Now Disney World is banning them from their rides. 

Selfie sticks seem to be everywhere these days. Tom Hanks took his selfie stick to take the "Late Show" to take one last selfie with David Letterman."Can I take a selfie?" he asked Letterman. 

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Comedian Kevin Hart used three selfie sticks at the People's Choice Awards to shoot himself with Kaley Cuoco and Josh Gad. “These are my selfie sticks, everybody!” he said.

And model Kendall Jenner plays with a selfie stick in a video she shot for Vogue magazine.

How dangerous can they be? Well, one woman rode a bike with one hand and held a selfie stick with the other.

Meanwhile, a motorcyclist’s passenger held a selfie stick at high speed and in traffic. And a snowboarder wielded a selfie stick on a crowded ski slope.

So, who came up with the idea for selfie sticks? We tracked down the inventor, Wayne Fromm, who came up with the idea during a family vacation in Italy. 

"Disney is saying they do not want selfie sticks on rides," INSIDE EDITION'S Les Trent said to Fromm in an interview.

"I agree with them. I think that's prudent. It would be very dangerous, with the velocity of the rides and your hands. If somebody would let it go and all of a sudden, it [flies] into the crowd," said Fromm.

But you may not see many more spectacular videos like this. Rock festivals like Lollapalooza just announced that it was also banning selfie sticks. 

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