Rachel Dolezal's Mother: 'Never Indicated As A Young Child She Identified As A Black Girl'

Following a revealing 'Today' show interview, Rachel Dolezal's parents are disputing her claims.

Embattled Rachel Dolezal was asked on live TV whether she's black or white. She told the Today show’s Matt Lauer, “I identify as black."

She was born a blonde freckle-faced white girl. On the Today show, she was asked to describe the 16-year-old girl in the photos that has sparked national debate.

She said, "I would say visibly she'd be identified as white by people who see her.”

Lauer asked, “At the time, were you identifying as African-American?”

“In that picture, during that time, no,” she replied.

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Rachel’s parents provided that picture when they outed her as white woman. 

She responded to the photo being released saying, "I really don't see why they are in such a rush to white wash some of the work I have done and who I am and how I have identified." 

Her parents watched the live TV interview. INSIDE EDITION's Steven Fabian asked, "What is your reaction to what she said?"

Her father, Larry, said, "She continues to be unapologetic regarding her identity and her ethnicity being false." 

Piers Morgan took to Twitter to showcase his feelings about her interview:


In another interview Rachel did with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry she responds to the anger many black women feel about this controversy. 

She was asked, "Can you understand that anger?"

"Yes. I would say stepping outside of myself I would probably be like 'How dare she?'" Rachel replied. 

One of the points Rachel makes is that early on she identified as black. Telling Matt Lauer, “I’d say about five years old I was drawing self-portraits with brown crayons and black curly hair."

Her mother told INSIDE EDITION, "Rachel never indicated as a young child that she identified as a black girl. There were no drawings with the brown crayon. None of that exists in reality." 

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Watching off stage were two young men -- Rachel’s sons Isiah and Franklin.

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