Ex-Cop Allegedly Hid a Camera in Teen's Room Years After Authorities Say He Filmed 20 Women

Brett Robison, 36, was charged with video voyeurism of a minor, according to a Suwannee County Sheriff's Office arrest report.

A former police officer allegedly hid a camera in a clock inside a 14-year-old girl's room - years after authorities say he filmed as many as 20 women as they undressed in their homes.

Brett Robison, 36, was arrested on August 20 and charged with video voyeurism of a minor, according to a Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office arrest report.

The teenager found the clock in her room last December and recently took it to her father, who discovered it was actually a "nanny cam" with a video recorder installed inside, according to an arrest report.

Authorities say deleted video files were found on the camera, but a crime lab was able to retrieve some of the videos.

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In one, Robison can be seen powering up the clock before placing it in the victim's room, according to the arrest report. In later videos, the girl can be seen nude and in different states of undress, the report says.

The arrest comes more than a year after INSIDE EDITION carried out an investigation into Robison, who had previously worked for the Gainesville Police Department.

Robison had been accused of secretly recording more than a dozen women in their homes.

Prosecutors said he would drive up in his patrol car and videotape unsuspecting women through their windows, all while he was supposed to be on patrol.

"He took innocent girls and took something away which we have as a right, which is our privacy," one of his victims, Allison Zittel, told INSIDE EDITION last year.

She said she had no idea she was being recorded until investigators tracked her down and showed her the video. She was watched in 2007 and 2008, she said in a lawsuit in 2012.

"I'm watching myself naked in my room just doing the normal everyday things a girl does," said Zittel. "I had my towel wrapped up on my head, I was in my underwear, and I could hear him breathing."

Authorities say Zittel wasn't his only victim. Police say Robison filmed in excess of 20 women, mostly students living in apartment complexes surrounding the University of Florida.

"He targeted clearly young women on campus," explained Jason Miller, Zittel's attorney. "We know he did this while on duty, in uniform."

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Zittel added: "He could have actually been doing his job as a police officer but instead he was actually out there creating more victims."

In that case, the accused Peeping Tom was arrested after his girlfriend found the footage and handed it over to his bosses at the police department.

Robison was promptly fired and criminal video voyeurism charges were filed in 2010.

The video voyeurism charges against Robison were dismissed when he pled guilty to 'official misconduct' in 2011. He was given four years probation.

When INSIDE EDITION tracked him down in May 2014, he said: "Please leave me alone."

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