Hiker Describes Being Followed by 2 Bears: 'I Figured if I Run, I'm Their Dinner'

Stephanie Rivkin filmed two bears following her on a hiking trail in Connecticut.

A woman who was stalked by two black bears on a hiking trail in Connecticut caught the harrowing ordeal on camera.

Stephanie Rivkin told INSIDE EDITION that she couldn’t believe it when the two bears started following her on the trail in Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington.

But rather than running, she stayed calm.

"I just figure if I run, I’m his dinner, I’m his meat," she said.

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Instead, she recorded the bears as they got closer and closer.

"I am walking with a bear right now, this is crazy," she can be heard saying in the video, before telling the bears quietly: "Don't get crazy."

One of the bears - an 18-month-old male weighing 150 pounds - is seen approaching her and attempting to bite her leg, but she moves away in time. Thankfully she was not hurt.

"I think he was interested in the taste maybe… but he chose not to and I’m just thankful he didn’t bite," she told INSIDE EDITION.

The bear had tags on its ear ears, indicating it had been captured and was being tracked.



Walking with bears. It put it's mouth on my leg. OK ok I almost got bit. Scary

Posted by Stephanie Rivkin on Friday, 28 August 2015


Minutes into the encounter, the bears finally scampered off. She said she was glad she chose not to make a lot of noise and remained calm.

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"I’m a small person and I didn't think I had the capacity to scare a bear," she explained - although added that next time, she'll be taking mace with her.

The hiking trail has been closed as wildlife officials look for the bears. Authorities said the bear that followed her the most closely may have to be euthanized.

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