Friends of Glamorous Teen Who Quit 'Fake' Social Media Call It a Hoax

Essena O'Neill had half a million online followers but said the person she projected wasn't real.

Teenager Essena O’Neill became an Internet sensation after posting beautiful photos of herself in long gowns and sexy bikinis.

But was that really her beautiful life?

She now says no and has declared she’s quitting social media because “it’s not real life.” She posted a selfie video, showing her crying and wearing no makeup. 

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“I had it all and I was miserable because when you let yourself be defined by numbers … it’s not real love,” she said. She had more than 500,000 followers on Instagram and has deleted her account. 

But some friends aren’t buying it, saying she is seeking publicity for a new website devoted to her Vegan lifestyle.

Twin bloggers Nina and Randa, who say O’Neill stayed with them in Los Angeles, posted a video calling the 19-year-old Australian’s claims about having a modeling career “fake” and claimed the teen was only trying to drum up publicity and get donations from viewers.

In her last video, Essena says, “I don’t even know what is real and I let myself be defined by what’s not real.”

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