Dad Who Snapped Selfie As His Wife Gave Birth: 'She's Gorgeous!'

Sarah Solano told INSIDE EDITION that, despite what some people may think, she found the selfie hilarious.

A dad-to-be snapped a selfie in the hospital delivery room as his wife was giving birth.

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Some thought that Gil Solano would be in hot water when he posted the selfie of himself and wife, Sarah, right after baby Eva was born.

People took to the now-viral photo to express their thoughts, offering what seemed like their parting words, including "you're dead," "enjoy your celibacy" and "rest in peace, nice knowing you."

But the new mom said her husband's actions amused her.

“I thought it was hilarious,” Sarah told INSIDE EDITION. 

“The negative and the positive are hilarious,” he said.

Sarah chimed in and said: “It’s not for everyone, fellas don’t do it. Definitely not the most flattering picture of me,” she said.

Gil disagreed and said: “She’s beautiful that’s why I had no problem with it, that’s 12 hours of labor and she’s gorgeous.”

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The family snapped their first selfie as a unit of three for INSIDE EDITION. Sarah and Gil beamed for the camera, while baby Eva blissfully slept.

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