Family Says New Hoverboard Sparked Devastating House Fire: 'It Was Like a Firework'

The hoverboard was plugged in and charging when it suddenly burst into flames.

A family says a devastating house fire at their Louisiana home was caused by a hoverboard that was plugged in and charging.

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Jessica Horne says she bought the hoverboard for her son, who had it for a single day before it burst into flames.

"It was just like a firework," she said. "Before I could yell ‘the house is on fire,’ the middle part just exploded into flames."

Her son said: "When it happened I couldn't believe it. It was hard to put it out. It was pretty big and caught fire fast.”

Other similar incidents are being reported. An Alabama man says his hoverboard burst into flames while he was riding it. On a video of the incident, he could be heard saying: "The battery just shot out!"

In the Netherlands, a hoverboard exploded on the sidewalk.

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According to published reports, the source of the problem appears to be a malfunctioning battery. Experts say it's important to read the instructions carefully.

Electronic expert Stephen Fowler told INSIDE EDITION: "Buy a reputable product, don't buy a cheap product and always read the instruction manual that came with it." 

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