Thief Dressed as Santa Crawls Through Drive-Thru Window and Robs KFC

This fake Father Christmas got inside the chicken chain in Derbyshire, England on Saturday then left with a bag full of cash.

A man dressed as Santa robbed a KFC over the weekend and now police in England want help identifying this fake Father Christmas.

Surveillance footage from the Alfreton, Derbyshire chicken chain shows the thief crawl inside through the drive-thru window.

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Police say the man then demanded money from employees at knife-point before fleeing with a bag full of cash.

The robber is described as being about 5-foot-10 and stocky. He wore a red hat, red trousers and a red jacket over a black top.

According to a statement released by the Derbyshire Constabulary, the robber's face was covered with what appears to be black tights or stockings.

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Santa shenanigans have also been spotted elsewhere in the UK this year.

On Monday, a man in Glasgow dressed as St. Nick was spotted atop a horse statue outside an art museum, the Evening Times reports.

The man, who was intoxicated according to police, was seen in photos being rescued from the statue with a cherry picker.

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