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This Construction Worker Uses a Hoverboard To Do His Job

The hilarious video predicts how hoverboards could be used in the future.

A man has given us a terrifying glimpse into the future - a time when walking could become obsolete.

Australian entertainer Jack O’Doherty posted the hilarious Facebook video showing workers using hoverboards to do their jobs.

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In his video, he shows how landscapers, movers, painters and construction workers speed up the labor process by using the gadgets.


Tradies in the future!! Instagram - jackson_odoherty

Posted by Jackson ODoherty on Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Donning a hard hat, reflective vest and sunglasses, he even shopped at a hardware store for some items and cut wood using a table saw - all while perfectly balancing on a hoverboard.

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However, the day he predicted may never come as Australia is currently debating a national hoverboard ban.

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