14-Year-Old With Incurable Condition Surprised With Epic Trip to Broadway

It was always the Madison, Wisconsin, teen’s dream to visit Broadway.

There was so much action happening inside Studio 54 where "Kiss Me, Kate" is playing on Broadway that 14-year-old Taryn didn’t know where to look. And it was only 7 p.m., an hour before the show was due to even start.

“It’s really overwhelming,” Taryn told InsideEdition.com as she stood on stage after meeting one of the show’s stars, Corbin Bleu, of "High School Musical" fame.

Taryn of Madison, Wisconsin, received a special trip to Broadway, and New York City, courtesy of the Make-A-Wish Foundation and StubHub. She has pulmonary hypertension, a progressive and incurable disease, and it had always been her dream to visit Times Square and see a Broadway show. 

Taryn started seeing symptoms when she was 1 and has been on medication since age 5.

“[The condition] makes it hard for her body to get oxygen because [her] heart has to work harder to get blood to the lungs and then out to the body,” her mom, Jody, explained. “It can cause headaches and dizziness.”

Taryn loves musicals and is involved in theater at her high school. She wanted to meet others who enjoy them as much as she does, which is why she was given the trip.

As soon as her plane landed, Taryn and her family were surprised with tickets to six Broadway shows, including "Wicked" and "Aladdin." She also landed a behind-the-scenes tour of "Kiss Me, Kate" ahead of the show and was allowed to watch pre-show rehearsals.

“It’s just a different experience than seeing theater in Milwaukee,” Taryn said. 

Her mom was just happy to see her daughter grinning.

"The glow as she was sitting there watching, we don’t get to see that smile all the time. It’s thrilling to see it,” said Jody.

And Taryn even got in on the action, giving Bleu a lesson in Irish step dancing.

“Thank you,” he told her. “You just taught me something new. That was so cool. I’ve never taken Irish jig before.”

It's an experience that will stay with Taryn for the years to come.

“The memories and confidence she seems to be building as she gets to meet different people — she’s coming out of her shell,” Jody said. 

“Hopefully she takes that home with her and keeps that confidence.”