Megyn Kelly to Ted Cruz: 'You Seem to Be Treating Trump Like Voldemort'

Ted Cruz claimed during a post-debate interview that Megyn Kelly likened Donald Trump to Voldemort, but Fox News says that's not what happened.

Ted Cruz suggested during a post-debate interview that Megyn Kelly had called Donald Trump "Voldemort," but Fox News says that's not the case.

While speaking to Kelly on air after the debate, Cruz said: "Well, you know, you were joking just before we went on air that it was sort of like Voldemort, 'He Who Must Not Be Named.'" 

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But a Fox News spokesperson told INSIDE EDITION on Friday that Kelly had not called Trump Voldemort.

Instead, Kelly mentioned the Harry Potter character in reference to how the candidates had been treating the frontrunner.

"You seem to be treating Trump like Voldemort, 'He Who Shall Not Be Named,'" the moderator said to Cruz off-camera, according to the spokesperson. "Did you plan that?"

Trump, who did not attend the debate due to his feud with Kelly, held an event in Des Moines, Iowa, just five minutes from where his Republican rivals were facing off.

Even though Trump was not in attendance, his presence was felt during the night, even with the late night comics.

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Stephen Colbert moderated a debate between Donald Trump and Donald Trump.

By splicing together footage, he took viewers down memory lane to show that the billionaire has contradicted himself many times in the past.

In one example, Colbert showed Trump saying: “I love Iowa, we’re done really well here” followed by clips of Trump saying: “How stupid are the people of Iowa!”

Another example was Trump declaring: “No one likes Ted Cruz!” It was then followed by a clip of the real estate mogul saying: “I really do — I like Ted Cruz a lot.”

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