Watch 2 Guys Disguised As 1 Person Sneak Into A Movie Theater

Two friends dressed as one large person to sneak into a movie theater.

It was the ultimate two for the price of one swindle when a pair of buddies snuck into a movie theater dressed as one person.

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Bo Johnson and his friend Matthew Rotter got into a big pair of pants and walked into a movie theater, where they managed to convince everyone that they were one large man.

The friends documented their scam from start to finish. In video posted on YouTube they showed how they dressed, practiced walking and eventually pulled off the stunt.

During the trick, Matthew latched onto Bo by holding him like a child. Accompanied by another friend, Bo walked around the theater as if he was an obese man.

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The stunt was a success and they were able to buy one ticket and watch a movie. 

Matthew told INSIDE EDITION that their outfit cost $60 but the reaction he's been getting from the video made it totally worth it.

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