Father and Son Spend a Year Lip Syncing For Mom in Adorable Video

A Minnesota man spent the nights when his wife was at work making videos of himself and their son lip syncing to pop hits, movie clips and Steve Irwin.

A Minnesota man spent a year sending his wife videos of himself and his baby lip syncing to popular songs and has now compiled them in one adorable example of father and son fun.

Eric Bruce and his son Jack used the app Dubsmash to send Jack's mom, a hair and makeup artist, videos of themselves pretending to sing hits like Justin Timberlake's "Cry Me a River" and 4 Non Blondes' "What's Going On"  when she was on night-shift.

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"I didn't make the videos every day," Eric, who works full time at a Minneapolis art museum, told INSIDE EDITION. "I made them sporadically over the course of a year and sent them to Priscilla while I was taking care of Jack."

After a year or so of receiving the videos, Priscilla Bruce urged her husband to cut them all together into one irresistibly funny supercut.

The result has been smashing success.

Eric and Jack's compilation has attracted national attention and, in just a few weeks, some 75,000 people had watched.

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But Eric isn't in it for fame--at least not exclusively.

"It helps that I'm a huge ham," he told TODAY. "And it's a great way to bond with him and learn how to be a dad and what to do with a baby when you're alone with a baby for the day."

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