This Snow-Covered Michigan Bridge Is So Scary, Authorities Drive Motorists Across

Motorists call the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan "the longest five miles of your life."

Is this one of the scariest bridges in America?

The weather can get so terrifying on Michigan’s Mackinac Bridge and the lanes are so narrow that the bridge authority offers to help drive overwhelmed motorists across.

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INSIDE EDITION was there when a bridge official took motorist Renee Tschirhart across the bridge to safety – all while in a blizzard.

“This is definitely one of the worst days you’re going to experience,” he told her.

“Well, that calms me down!” she responded.

Despite its scary reputation, the Mackinac Bridge is actually one of the safest bridges in the country and offers incredible views.

But the wind blows strongly through Northern Michigan, knocking the confidence out of drivers.

“We slid a little bit,” Tschirhart shrieked as they started the journey.

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With the help of her guide, she made it safety off the bridge – although she called it “the longest five miles of your life."

She thanked him, saying: “I couldn't have done it alone.”

Watch: Is This The Scariest Bridge in America?