Tiger Mistress Upset Over Golf Balls

One of the women linked to Tiger Woods is breaking her silence, saying she was in love with Tiger and she says Tiger felt the same way about her. INSIDE EDITION has more.

39-year-old Joslyn James, a former porn star, says she was in love with Tiger and believed he loved her.

She says she's furious over the golf balls that are decorated with pictures of Josyln and Tiger's 11 other mistresses. Thousands of them are being sold on the Internet.

Joslyn says the golf balls could promote violence against women and she has hired attorney Gloria Allred, who also represents mistress number one Rachel Uchitel.

The scandal seems to be taking a visible toll on Tiger's beautiful wife Elin. Pain was etched in her face when she picked up her daughter from school. Her eyes were puffy from weeping and had dark circles from lack of sleep.

It's a stark contrast from before the scandal, when her face was bright with love and happiness.

Elin is not giving up on her marriage, according to the latest reports. She is said to have fired her divorce lawyer and put off her plans to leave Tiger.