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See The Dilapidated New York Home Where Nancy Reagan Grew Up

A homeless man now lives on the front porch.

Nancy Reagan was born Anne Frances Robbins in New York in 1921.

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As a little girl she lived in a modest house in Flushing, Queens. Now, the home is dilapidated and INSIDE EDITION found a 62-year-old homeless man living on the porch.

According to the man “everybody knows” that Nancy lived in the home. He says “the story will never die.” He claims the home is currently being renovated and real estate agents proudly show off the home and neighborhood as the place were Nancy once lived.

Jose Guevera, an immigrant from Argentina, lives next door to Nancy’s old home and told IE that “it is special” to live there.

Guevera said it is important to him because Ronald Reagan signed his Green Card and gave amnesty for foreign residents to become citizens of the U.S.

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Nancy would only spend two years in Queens before moving to Maryland with her mother after her parents separated. After six years in Maryland, she moved to Chicago where she stayed until after graduating Girls Latin School of Chicago in 1939 vefore moving to Massachusetts to attend university at Smith College.

After college she moved to California and changed her name to Nancy Davis. In 1952, she met her future husband and 10 years later they were married.

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