2-Month-Old Baby Shows Off Full Head of Hair

Baby Izzy's mom told INSIDE EDITION she doesn't even need to style the girl's thick locks.

A baby with a full head of thick, gorgeous hair is turning the Internet on its head.

Baby Izzy, just two months old, is an online star for her luscious locks after a cousin posted her photo to Reddit, where it generated more than three million views and 500 comments.

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David and Mackenzie Kaplan of Redwood City, California, say they're amazed at the attention they've gotten over Isabelle's hair.

"We were like 'How is this even happening?'" the father says. 

David says they draw the line in public when people try to touch her hair. 

"You can look at it, but touching is off limits," the father told IE, adding that despite what people may think, the hair isn't a wig.

They've made the rounds of morning shows, but haven't let the notoriety go to their heads.

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"We laugh at it," said David. "It's a baby picture," nothing more, the couple said.

In memes making their way around the Internet, Izzy's face has been edited onto photos of politicians, actors and anchormen.


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