Bungling Burglars Just Can't Seem to Figure Out How to Fire A Gun: Cops

Hilarious video shows the moment a wannabe burglar tries and fails to shoot out a window.

These bungling burglars in Pennsylvania had a hard time figuring out how to fire a gun.

According to the Southwestern Regional Police Department, surveillance video from early Saturday shows two male suspects as they try to break into a restaurant.

First they needed to get inside, though. And they tried to do so by attempting to shoot out a back door window.

It didn't go so well.

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"If you've handled firearms at all, you know he doesn't know what he's doing," Sgt. Jamie Stalcup told InsideEdition.com about the man seen trying, and failing, multiple times to fire his handgun toward the Papertown Dairy Bar in Spring Grove.

After the failed attempt, the man with the gun looked back at his cohort - who stood in the shadow with a hand truck for reasons that aren't clear - as if to say "What's going on?" Sgt. Stalcup said.

Turns out, the safety was on.

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The man with the hand truck sorted the gun out and the man with the gun fired off a few rounds. However, the bungling didn't end there.

The gun didn't quite do the job as planned. "It left some quarter sized holes in the window," Stalcup said.

Stalcup said the suspects took off after making a lot of racket, without managing to get whatever they were after.

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