This Great-Great-Grandfather Looks Like Matthew McConaughey And He's Not The Only Vintage Lookalike

Sanders Parker said his great-great-grandfather was the "spitting image" of the actor.

A photo that appears to be Matthew McConaughey sporting a giant mustache and a suit from the 1800s is actually someone’s great-great-grandfather.

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The handsome gent in the picture that is circulating online is actually Dr. Andrew Sanders.

His 30-year-old great-great-grandson Sanders Parker spoke to IE about the picture going around online.

Parker said: “Look at the guy. He's got the pear-shaped chin, the long nose--he seems to be a spitting image of the guy.”

The photo was recently discovered in a family album and Parker posted the photo on Reddit and has gathered popularity.

Many famous people have lookalikes from bygone eras.

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A man photographed in 1939 looked just like Jay Z and the comparisons are going viral. 

A Civil War-era photo of a man had a striking resemblance to Nicholas Cage.

Another Civil War-era man looks like Conan O'Brien.

Orlando Bloom is known for playing a swashbuckler on screen but also has a historical doppleganger that could pass as the dashing actor.

IE’s Steven Fabian’s great-grandpa Anthony Restori looks like a dead ringer for SNL’s Bobby Moynihan.

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