'Deeply Disturbing': Teacher's Aide Arrested for Alleged Child Abuse After Videotaped Fight With Student

A teacher's aide was arrested after a videotaped fight with student appears to show choking, slamming boy to the floor.

A high school teacher’s aide was arrested for alleged physical child abuse after a videotaped fight appears to show him choking and slamming a 14-year-old student to the floor, police said.

In footage taken by another student, the 39-year-old staff member apparently slams the boy onto a desk, then clutches him by the throat and throws him to the ground while shouting the n-word and dropping the f-bomb.

 The Milwaukee Public School District released a statement about the Wednesday incident, saying “MPS finds this incident deeply disturbing. As soon as the school administration was notified of the incident, the Milwaukee Police Department was contacted and the staff member was removed from the classroom.”

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The teacher’s aide faces “disciplinary action, including termination,” the district said.

Neither the student nor the adult was identified. The man has not yet been charged, according to local reports. The police investigation is ongoing.

The encounter took place in a ninth-grade biology class. A student told CBS affiliate WDJT-TV the boy “was talking stuff and then the teacher came, slammed him on the chair, and started choking him, saying ‘You don’t know who you’re (expletive) messing with.”

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Parent Willie Jones told the station, “That was really scary watching the video. I’ve never seen anything like that.”

Students said the two have argued before. The boy was taken to a local hospital for treatment of minor injuries.

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