Soaking Wet Baby Fox is Rescued From Drain Pipe as Mom Watches From Closeby

The Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service wrote that they saw the mother fox lingering, "as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub."

Rescue teams were called to retrieve a baby fox, separated from its mom, that was discovered at the bottom of a drain pipe at a U.K. home. 

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The Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service director Trevor Weeks told that the fox was first noticed when someone who lives at the East Sussex home peered into a drain cover that was out of place earlier this week.

Weeks said he thinks the baby fox had fallen in down the road, where a drain cover had been left open.

“(The family) left the cover off and thought the mum might be able to retrieve the cub,” Weeks said. “By lunchtime the next morning, it was still down there. (They) heard the cub crying and called us.”

According to Weeks, there were multiple pipes leading in different directions. When the team arrived, they could hear the cub crying distinctly, but despite prodding and monitoring the area, the cub was nowhere to be found.

“The vixen turned up whilst we were trying to find the cub,” the Wildlife Rescue and Ambulance Service wrote in a press release. “It was almost as if she knew we were trying to rescue her cub.

Weeks said that after 90 minutes of trying to lure him out, the rescue team realized the cub could not be reached, and said, “we had no choice but to play the waiting game.”

They left the cub alone for a few hours, and Weeks later returned to put his arm into drainpipe. That's when he felt the baby fox moving around, even though the animal was still out of his reach.

He then grabbed the cub's tail, lifting the soaking wet and dirty baby fox out of the drain.

“Otherwise, he would have died,” Weeks told

The recue team can later be seen in the video placing the cub, which they had dried off, into a crate where its mother had still been lingering.  

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Moments later, the vixen can be seen peering around, and finally, picks her young out of the crate and disappears back into the yard.

Weeks told that these cases are, and “that was quite an exceptional rescue.” 

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