Convicted Robber Throws His Feces at Judge Who Sentences Him to 40 Years in Prison

Prisoner had secreted bottles of his feces on his body, authorities said.

A defendant threw a stinking fit inside an Ohio courtroom after a judge sentenced him Wednesday to 40 years in prison.

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“Did you just give me 40 years? Sir? You just gave 40 years. Well guess what?”

And with that, Ricky Hand threw a blob of his own feces at the bench and ended up hitting his own defense lawyer, WHIO-TV reported.

Hand had been convicted of a string of robberies.

He was tackled by deputies as he screamed a stream of obscenities, video shows. He told the court security officers he had bottles of feces hidden on his person.

He had secreted the solid waste he threw at the judge inside a sling he was wearing for an injured arm.

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Inmates are not searched before entering courtrooms because they are transported directly from jail, authorities said.

Prosecutors said they may file additional charges against Hand over his outburst.

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