'Kiss From A Rose' Singer Seal Approaches Montreal Street Performer, Asks to Perform a Duet

The street performer wrote that he was playing his normal set in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica when suddenly, he noticed he was being watched by Seal.

Every up-and-coming musician dreams of one day performing a duet with his or her biggest idol, but this street performer didn't realize that the day would come sooner than he thought.

Musician Jason Deeh Pitre, a street performer from Montreal, was totally caught off guard when a member of his audience approached him toward the end of his set. Turns out, the man was 90s superstar Seal, and he wanted to sing a duet.

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In a video captured by a member of the audience, the 'Kiss From A Rose' singer gave a jaw dropping performance of 'Stand By Me' in front of the Notre-Dame Basilica Saturday evening alongside the local musician, who joined him on the guitar.

"I find we sound nice," Deeh Pitre said to InsideEdition.com, and joked, "but I look fat and I was having a bad hair day."

The performer said he has been playing music professionally for 11 years but has admired Seal for much longer.

"The first tape I ever bought was Seal's classic first album," he wrote in a post on Facebook. "He's been a serious influence on my art."

He normally plays alongside a band, but in the summer, he enjoys busking in front of the cathedral as a side project.

Deeh Pitre said he was playing and singing for about an hour, and noticed one particular man in the audience.

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"I notice a tall, bald, well-dressed black man sitting there observing me," he wrote on Facebook. "I think nothing of it, but I hear him harmonizing with me under his breath at times (something, frankly, that bothers me)."

But the mysterious onlooker stayed for several songs, and approached Deeh Pitre as he was packing up, and making space for the next performer.

"You really touched me," the man said, according to Deeh Pitre's Facebook post. "You have an amazing voice! Seriously. Your guitar playing, too."

The man then wrote: "Suddenly, I recognized his voice and looked at his face. I could see the famous 'Seal scars' on his cheeks under his sunglasses."

"Excuse me, are you Seal?" Pitre asked in response. By then, a small crowd began forming around the pair.

The pair continue chatting, until Seal asked if they could perform together. He suggested "Stand By Me," despite the busker preferring one of the pop star's classic hits.  

"An audience quickly builds around us  it's Seal's voice after all," he wrote. "I'm totally blown away."

In fact, the voice was enough to have audience member Neil St. Clair and his wife get out of an Uber to watch the pair perform.

"We sat at a red light, we said 'Gosh, that's Seal, isn't it?' And then we jumped out of the car," St. Clair told InsideEdition.com. "Once he started singing, it felt a bit like a flash mob. There were only 40 people total, but once they heard that voice, anyone milling around the square came over."

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Seal performed the first verse to 'Stand By Me', and then gestured to the busker to perform the next, and Pitre takes over.

"After he finished singing, Seal simply walked out past the crowd and down the street. No hanging around," St. Clair said. "It was a bit like a voice angel just disappearing into the Montreal twilight."

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