Footage Reveals Grim Scenes From Inside Turkish Airport During Attacks

Terrified passengers ran for their lives as the suicide bombers struck.

Frightening footage has been released of the terror inside Turkey's Ataturk Airport. 

Terrified passengers can be seen fleeing for their lives and some leaping over barricades or crawling under them to get away.

Atatürk Havalimanı dış hatlar terminalinde meydana gelen patlamada sonrası amatör kamera görüntüsü:

June 28, 2016


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In one passenger's footage, travelers crouched down and hid in one of the airport's shops. In another piece of video, a sobbing flight attendant appears to craft a makeshift tourniquet on her injured arm.

The attacks killed 41 people and wounded 147 when three suicide bombers blew themselves up inside the airport, the third busiest in Europe and Turkey's largest.

In security footage, one of the bombers was shot by authorities but managed to detonate the bomb.

Atatürk Havalimanı'nda çekilen görüntülerde canlı bomba saldırısı öncesi insanların ters yöne koştuğu görülüyor.

June 28, 2016

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim told reporters Tuesday: “It became clear with this incident again that terrorism is a global threat. This attack, targeting innocent people is a vile, planned terrorist act.”

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Ali Tekin was waiting for a guest to arrive when the terrorists struck.

She told The Australian: “There was a huge explosion, extremely loud. The roof came down. Inside the airport it is terrible, you can’t recognize it, the damage is big.”

One of the bombers blew himself up at a taxi stand.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, though ISIS is suspected. It was the fourth terrorist attack in the country this year.

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