90-Year-Old Burlesque Dancer Shocks 'America's Got Talent' With A Strip Tease Complete With Nipple Tassels

"When I get on that stage, I want to prove that you're never to old to follow your dreams," the 90-year-old from Hawaii said.

She's an oldie, but a goodie.

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90-year-old Dorothy Williams from Hilo, Hawaii got on stage Tuesday night to perform for 'America's Got Talent'. Little did the audience know, she was about to get in her skivvies and do a burlesque routine.

"When I get on that stage, I want to prove that you're never to old to follow your dreams," Williams could be heard saying as she stepped in front of the judges.

As she began to sing the opening bars of 'Let Me Entertain You,' from Gypsy, she began swaying her hips, and twisting her feet.

Williams was married for 11 years, but that didn't stop her from flinging off her skirt to reveal a pair of bright red short-shorts as she was thrusting her hips side to side.

Then, off came the top to reveal a cream-colored blouse, complete with nipple tassels which she twirled with pride.

Minutes later, the jaw-dropping routine was over and both the audiences and four judges stood in a standing ovation.

"You're 90 years old. Good for you," Mel B exclaimed.

When Simon Cowell commented on the tassels, she responded, "They were working fine. They got tired from practicing."

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Host Nick Cannon was so impressed by her strip tease he even insisted on breaking the rules of the show by hitting the golden button himself.

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