Masked Robber Bitten by Loyal Dog After Turning Gun on His Owner: 'We Take Care of Each Other'

Surveillance footage shows the shop owner backing up, when suddenly, his dog dashes out from behind the counter and attacks the masked intruder.

You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but you can teach this dog to bite back when his owner is attacked by an armed intruder.

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Frenchman David Bremond owns the Tabac du Mont D'Or corner store in Manosque.

He was getting ready to close up last Saturday evening, when, as he was taking out the trash, an intruder wearing a black bodysuit and white mask rushed toward him with a gun.

Unfortunately for the attacker, Bremond's 4-year-old Belgian Malinois was trained to attack and was sleeping comfortably behind the store's counter.

"We underwent a year-long training program at the kennel club in my town," Bremond told "I am licensed to command him to bite. However, this is the first time that we were in a real situation."

Surveillance footage shows Bremond strategically backing up into his shop, when suddenly, his dog Hobby dashes out from behind the counter on his command and attacks the masked intruder.

Bremond can then be seen in the Viral Hog footage running out of the store after the robber, as his dog attacks back, biting the suspect wherever it could grab.

The struggle then appears to continue just outside the window of the shop, where Hobby continued to help his owner fend off the attacker.

Bremond said he was then able to grab his gun from the attacker, and pistol whip him before his masked assailant escaped in the back of a car parked down the street.

He then ordered his dog to stop pursuing the robber, afraid he would be run over by the car.

"Last night, Hobby saved my life," Bremond wrote on Facebok, promising treats to his loyal companion after the ordeal. "We take care of each other. It's perfect symbiosis."

Bremond later wrote on Facebook that cops arrived on the scene 10 minutes later, taking the bag and the gun the masked intruder left behind for DNA.

"We are okay. The robber is less well  bitten, without stealing anything," said Bremond, who calls his dog his bodyguard. 

It does not appear the suspect has been identified yet.

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According to local reports, this was the fourth time his store was raided by an armed robber in the last ten years.

"After the third break-in, I decided to get a dog to defend myself in the store, but also at home to protect my family," the father of three young children said. "He is the happiest of dogs — he is never alone." 

When Hobby is off duty, his owner told that he spends his days playing in the garden or bathing in the pool. 

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