Meet the Women of 'Star Trek' Who Boldly Went Into the Hearts of TV Audiences Everywhere

These women prove you truly can "live long and prosper."

The women of Star Trek have lived long and prospered since the original series ended in 1969.

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Today, many of the women are reflecting on the 50-year-old legacy the iconic show has gained with audiences around the world, generation after generation.

Lee Meriwether guest starred as Losira, a creature who could kill with a simple touch, in 1969. She is now 81.

"It was just fortune," Meriwether said of getting the role. "Good fortune."

Celeste Yarnall played Yeoman Martha Landon, a blonde bombshell on the Starship Enterprise.

She told Inside Edition: "Having a guest starring role on the show was a six, seven day gig, that was a mortgage payment in those days."

Barbara Luna played Lt. Marlena Moreau, who was so popular that a doll was made out of her character.

"Most of the females had very powerful roles. Highly unusual,” she told Inside Edition. "I was the captain's woman! Don't forget it!"

Each of the ladies wore super-sexy costumes that were considered quite racy for the time.

Mariette Hartley thought she was showing way too much skin when she guest-starred in the penultimate episode of the series

“That bathing suit was just terrifying,” she said. “It worked pretty well in the show. My bikini was made of skin, animal skin, I’ve never in my life been so nervous or embarrassed of wearing anything in my life.”

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So what was it like kissing Mr. Spock in her episode?

“He’s not great,” Hartley admitted.

Sherry Jackson, who played a sultry android named Andrea on Star Trek, believes there will never be anything like the iconic series ever again.

"I don't think that Star Trek will ever be outdone. It's always going to be the beginning and the example for the future,” she said.

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