A Real-Life Sleeping Beauty

A rare medical condition causes a 15-year-old girl to sleep for up to 13 days in a row. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

She's a real-life Sleeping Beauty – a teenager who sleeps for days at a time, just like the character in the classic Disney movie.

In the fairytale, Sleeping Beauty was cursed by an evil queen, but 15-year-old Louisa Ball is cursed with a rare medical condition, Kleine-Levin Syndrome, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.

"Kleine-Levin Syndrome is sort of like epilepsy, a periodic or episodic condition where people seem normal and then they break into episodes with fatigue, exhaustion, not functioning and not eating," Neurologist Dr. Eric Braverman told INSIDE EDITION.

It started two years ago after a bout of the flu. Louisa went to bed and her parents Lottie and Rick Ball, who live outside London, couldn't wake her.

“I thought it was a condition that would burn itself out and she'd be better in a couple of weeks,” said Rick Ball.

But more than a year later Louisa is still falling fast asleep for days on end. One moment she's a typical teenager, jumping on her trampoline and attending dance class. Then out of the blue she konks out. It could happen anywhere, in the car, on the living room couch, even during dance recitals.

Nothing wakes her, not even her mom vacuuming her room.

In the movie it was a kiss from a handsome prince that woke Sleeping Beauty. Louisa's parents can only hope that their sleeping beauty will one day have a happy ending too.