1,500-Pound Cow Pulled From Pool After Homeowner Reported Hearing 'Snorting'

The cow burst through the pool liner and had to be rescued by firefighters.

cow was rescued by an Oklahoma fire department on Sunday after it fell into a pool and couldn't get out.

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According to the Oklahoma City Fire Department, the homeowner was having his morning coffee when he heard "snorting" coming from the pool area.

They noticed the 1,500-pound bovine had burst through the pool liner that was supposed to be able to hold an elephant. 

"It must have thought the pool cover was a solid continuation of the ground, and it walked right onto it," Firefighter Benny Fulkerson, who responded to the scene, told InsideEdition.com. 

The rescue team then thought of ideas to hoist the cow out of the pool, including tying a rope around is neck and helping it lift itself out, but worried the method would injure the cow. They then contacted animal control to discuss the best method of getting the cow out safetly.

After draining the pool using fire pumps "to reduce the likelihood of the cow experiencing hypothermia," officials began to hoist the animal using heavy-duty tow straps from a wrecker that later arrived on the scene. 

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"The cow should be fine," officials reported.

Officials then worked together to load the cow into a stock trailer to take it back to its home.

"We respond to various pet rescues," Fulkerson said. "Pets in house fires, ducklings in storm drains, dogs under houses in precarious situations, birds entangled in wire... but this may be the first cow in a swimming pool."

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