Mother Accused of Horrific Child Abuse Wants Better Jail Cell

Brandy Jaynes is accused of leaving her 12-year-old son to starve in a locked bathroom for up to two years.

A Utah mom who was arrested last month after allegedly leaving her 12-year-old son locked up for as long as two years in a filthy bathroom is asking for better jail conditions.

Brandy Jaynes has been in jail since last month, when she was arrested in the case of the boy, who had wasted away to just 30 pounds and "looked like he was the victim of a concentration camp," Washington County authorities said.

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Jaynes has since been held on a $20,000 cash-only bond — an amount her attorney says she can't pay — in a cell with only a cot and no shower access.

“Either she’s got to have a reasonable bond amount she can pay, or she’s got to have a bed and a shower at the jail,” attorney Edward Flint told St. George News.

Flint has filed for a bail hearing at which he'll ask the amount be lowered.

Jaynes was charged with felony child abuse on January 9 after the boy was discovered by his father.

The little boy’s siblings told police that their brother had been kept in the bathroom for between one and two years and they had not spoken with him through the door of their Tocqueville home in six months, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office told reporters.

"A baby monitor was set up so voices could come in but not out. So they could give instructions to the child that was in the room," WCSO Lt. David Crouse told CBS.

The hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

Saying the space would fit his “definition of a torture room,” Crouse said there was fecal matter and urine on the floor, open cans of food and a video camera capable of Wi-Fi monitoring.

Authorities believe the child was also likely kept in the dark, as the light switches in the room were covered and wrapped heavily with duct tape, preventing the light from being turned on.

He was unable to stand on his own and weighed just 30 pounds, investigators said.

The boy was taken to a nearby hospital, where a doctor treating him reportedly said it was the worst case of malnourishment he had ever seen.

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Two other children, whose ages were not revealed, were also found to be living in the home, but they were healthy, Crouse said.

Jaynes reportedly told police that her son chose to sleep and stay in the bathroom, and that she tried feeding him protein shakes to increase his weight.

Jaynes is due in court for a new bond hearing on Thursday.

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