Elderly Woman Dies, 4 Months After She Was Knocked Out on Sidewalk Outside Deli

Eve Gentillon, 69, was on her way to church when a scuffle at a convenience store led to a punch and her death.

A New York woman who was knocked out cold by a stranger's punch outside a deli in October and suffered a brain aneurysm has died four months later.

Eve Gentillon, 69, was on her way to church when a scuffle outside the Queens convenience store left her unconscious and in need of emergency surgery on October 15.

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After the incident, Gentillon struggled to recover and was in and out of rehabilitation centers, according to her family. Authorities revealed her death Tuesday.

Richard "Kwasi" Springer, 29, has been charged in the case and was previously ordered to undergo a mental health exam.

Springer has already been charged with first-degree robbery and second-degree assault, but those charges are likely to be upgraded to murder as the medical examiner ruled Gentillon died of blunt force trauma as a result of his punch.

Springer is currently being held in an upstate New York psych facility, according to authorities. He returns to court March 3.

Back in October, Gentillon was walking down a Queens sidewalk when the suspect, identified by cops as Springer, came barreling out of the Sutphin King Deli at about 8 a.m.

Springer had stumbled into the store looking to buy a $3.50 Bud Light Straw-Ber-Rita, but only had $1, store clerk Methaq Algabyali told InsideEdition.com.

“He wanted to take the beer,” he said.

As Springer fought with Algabyali over the alcohol, the victim told him to stop, he said.

Springer instead charged at the unsuspecting woman and slugged her in the face, knocking her unconscious, cops said.  

“He punched the lady for no reason,” Algabyali, 18, said. “He wanted to fight.”

Gentillon was rushed to Jamaica Hospital, where sources said she suffered a brain hemorrhage.

“When I saw her, I think she died,” Algabyali said, adding that he thought what Springer did was stupid.

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Springer, who lived about three blocks away from the deli, has caused trouble in the store before, but never to this extent, Algabyali said.

“He’s a regular customer here,” he said. “Sometimes when he drink(s), he causes problems.”

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