85-Year-Old Shows Off Her Buck Dancing Skills at Retirement Home

She's been dancing all her life.

One grandma’s age hasn’t stopped her from doing what she loves — buck dancing.

In a viral video that has been viewed nearly 5 million times, Dorothy Stockton, 85, showcases her moves as she dances to the sound of the banjo after kicking off her loafers.

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Stockton, who resides at Traces of Tiger, an assisted living facility in Georgia, has been buck dancing most of her life, according to her granddaughter, Michelle Hopkins.

Hopkins, who happens to work at the facility, said her grandmother has been dancing as long as she can remember.

"She was always going buck and square dancing on the weekends," Hopkins said. "She used to compete in competitions. She has a ton of trophies. She and her husband used to do it together but he died a year ago."

So it was a natural reaction when Stockton heard the banjo being played by another one of her granddaughter’s boyfriends, who’d come to visit and play for the residents.

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“The residents thought it was wonderful," said Ashley Krivsky, another employee at the facility. "They enjoyed the music. To see her do that at her age was inspirational to all of them."

Stockton has scoliosis and was treated for a broken hip in 2013. She had to stop dancing at the time because of the pain, but is right back at it now that she’s recovered.

“She fell and broke her hip and they told her it wouldn’t be happening anymore,” Hopkins said. “We are surprised that she can still do it."

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