Albino Pup Gets Pair of Sunglasses to Protect His Eyes

The dog is almost a year old.

A dog named Lucky is truly living up his name after being the only pup of his litter to survive.

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Lucky was one of several puppies born to a mother who died not long after giving birth.

Independent animal rescuer Clanay Reza, who's been saving pups since 2015, took the puppies in after seeing a Facebook post about the orphaned puppies.

Reza said she was sure Lucky, who was one of two albinos in the litter, would die as well because he was the weakest of the bunch and had a series of health problems.

All of the puppies were covered in fleas and ticks when they were born and needed to be especially cared with bottle feeding and much attention.

When the rest of the litter passed on, Lucky pulled through, but not without a series of complications. He was weak and had to have an eye removed. In addition, he was at risk of other health issues due to his albinism.

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After nearly a year in her care, however, Lucky is now thriving and Reza does all she can to protect him, including applying sunscreen and getting him protective goggles that look like sunglasses to guard his remaining eye.

She told that Lucky is "a happy and friendly dog," and her whole town knows him. 

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