Angelina Reconciles with Father | Inside Edition

Angelina Reconciles with Father

Angeline Jolie has long been estranged from her father, actor Jon Voight. INSIDE EDITION has learned the two have been seen together in Italy and a reconciliation may be close at hand.

Jolie stopped talking to her father in 2001 after he told an interviewer his daughter had "serious mental problems."

Now the father/daughter rift is apparently repaired, and Voight finally has the chance to get to know his grandkids.

The photos taken in Venice also revealed something else about Jolie. There's a bump just below her earlobe and it's fueling speculation the 34-year-old actress had a minimally invasive procedure called "the ribbon facelift," which tightens the skin on the neck.

Madonna is also rumored to have had it a year ago.

The ribbon used in the facelift is a quarter of an inch wide and about six inches long. It’s inserted near the ear and pulls the neck tissue up. The strip dissolves after 12 months.