There's Nothing This Dog Hates More Than Fidget Spinners

Kiba, the 18-month-old pup, can be seen in a video violently barking at a fidget spinner left on the ground.

No one hates fidget spinners more than this shiba inu.

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Kiba, an 18-month-old puppy, can be seen in a video shared by Caters News, violently barking at a fidget spinner left to rotate in the carpet.

“Her feisty reaction included barking and lunging at the fidget like a fox,” said Kiba’s owner, Paolo Zoratti, 27, of West Sussex, England. "As with all things Kiba does, we just couldn't stop laughing."

Zoratti explained as the fidget spinner craze began, he decided to buy a couple for his kids.

His 7-year-old daughter Lotti started spinning the device on the floor, when the family quickly realized their dog was clearly not a fan.

"Kiba saw my eldest daughter spinning it and crouched down like she does to play,” Zoratti explained. “Then you get Kiba going nuts over it.”

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Aside from his reaction to the fidget spinner, the father explained their pup is normally quite loveable.

“She absolutely loves us and the kids and is constantly checking on them,” he said. “She has an incredible personality.”

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