Chained Woman Found Kidnapped In Van After Duo Allegedly Sought To 'Brainwash' Her: Cops

Cops pulled over a white van in New Mexico and were horrified at what they found inside.

Video has emerged of the moment New Mexico authorities discovered a woman chained up in the back of a van earlier this year.

The New Mexico State Police this week released footage taken in January during a traffic stop in Albuquerque. They say it shows the victim of a Nevada kidnapping alive but shaken by her 12-hour ordeal.

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"Oh my God, thank you," she tells the officers in the shocking video, which is making headlines on the heels of another in which a South Carolina woman was found chained in a shipping container, allegedly at the hands of a confessed serial killer.

In this case, cops believe the woman was the only victim of her alleged kidnappers, who cops have named as her ex-boyfriend and his 19-year-old companion, the AP reports.

The ex, Jack Morgan, and Sophie Brown were arrested following the Jan. 30 traffic stop in Espanola that allegedly ended a kidnapping hatched from a full year of planning.

According to a federal criminal complaint, the victim was seen bound and gagged being dragged down three flights of stairs wearing only underwear at a Las Vegas apartment complex.

A witness told police the woman was put into a white van with Texas license plates.

Cops reportedly found a knife and stun gun in the woman's apartment, as well as her purse.

Cops somehow identified Morgan as a person of interest in the case before they were led to New Mexico by his cellphone location.

When Morgan and Brown were first pulled over, cops said they heard screams from the back of the van.

"He dragged me out of the place, and I fought so (expletive) hard cause I was like, this is how you die," the woman would tell officers after Morgan and Brown, whose legal first name cops say is Samuel, were arrested.

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According to New Mexico police, the victim told them that Morgan intended to take her to a cave to "brainwash her to be his wife."

Both Morgan and Brown have pleaded not guilty to federal kidnapping charges and are awaiting trial in Nevada.

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