Jimmy Kimmel Gives High School Valedictorian Chance to Finish His Speech After He's Rushed Off Stage

The principal ordered him off the stage when he began to stray from his pre-approved remarks.

A high school valedictorian forced to leave the stage after chastising school officials during his speech was able to finish his diatribe on national TV.

Peter Butera was ordered to leave the stage by the Wyoming Area High School principal as he deviated from his pre-approved speech and criticized the school.

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“The lack of a real student government, combined with the authoritative attitude that a few teachers, administrators and board members have, prevents students from truly developing as leaders,” the student said during his speech.

The principal was seen signaling for the mic to be cut off and telling the student, “You’re done.”

Butera's fellow graduates were on his side, giving him a standing ovation. Others in the crowd could be heard yelling for the principal to let him finish.

On Tuesday night, Butera appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he was given the chance to finish his speech after the late night host poked fun of the principal.

“Whoever cut that mic off should not be in charge of education of any kind,” Kimmel said.

The host then introduced Butera, who joined him via video chat. He then resumed his speech where he left off.

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“Hopefully, for the sake of future students, more people of power within our school who do not do so already will begin to prioritize education itself as well as the empowering of students and I hope that every one of my classmates here today as well as myself will go on to do great things in this world and achieve true happiness and success,” he said.

Kimmel then offered Butera some parting advice: “Keep being a pain in the a**."

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