3 Deer Interrupt College Baseball Game by Dashing Onto the Field

The game was paused for several minutes as baseball players waited for the deer to leave.

A college baseball game suddenly had too many players on the sandlot when a family of deer ran into the field mid-game.

Jon Schwartz, of Case Western Reserve University, was in the middle of announcing the Saturday game against Brandeis University in Cleveland when the three wild deer approached the field.

“We were in the first inning of the second game of our double header, and all of a sudden, one of our student workers at the game, I kind of hear him out of the corner of my ear while I'm broadcasting say, 'Hey, there's some deer that are in the corner there,’” he told InsideEdition.com.

Schwartz said he decided to draw the audience and camera’s attention toward the herd when, suddenly, the trio dashed into the field.

“Everyone was a little surprised at first, because you don't expect it,” Schwartz said. “Deer are timid by nature so you don't expect them to run to where all the people are.”

The baseball players paused their game for several minutes as they waited until the dear finished bounding from base to base, but Schwartz said spontaneity is his favorite thing about baseball.

“One of the great things about the sport of baseball is that it's open-ended, there's no time limit on it, and more than that, it's played outdoors and so anything can happen,” he said. “You don't expect deer to jump on the field but I think it makes it possible to kind of roll with it while it's going on.”