Brutal Police Beating at University of Maryland Sparks Outrage

A brutal police beating caught on tape of a University of Maryland student is causing outrage across the nation. INSIDE EDITION has the details and the video.

According to a police officer's report, the college student was running and screaming outside the dorm. The officer writes that the student and a friend then "struck those officers and their horses" who were trying to regain control.

The report says the two students sustained minor injuries when they "were both kicked by the horses," but it makes no mention of the beating.

But the just-surfaced video tells a totally different story and exposes the cops' cover-up.

It's the brutal beating caught on tape that's outraging the nation!

Three cops in riot gear went after a college freshman, slammed him into a wall and then smacked him to the ground with their batons.

Believe it or not, it was the student,19-year-old John McKenna, who ended up arrested, charged with assaulting the cops.

The incident took place at the University of Maryland after the school's basketball team pulled off a stunning upset victory over Duke in March. As revelers poured out of the stadium, video shows 19-year-old McKenna happily skipping as he approached the mounted officers. He stopped several feet from the cops. And suddenly he was pounded to the ground. He offered no resistance.

But in the arrest report, McKenna was accused of "assaulting" the cops and "their horses."

The report says McKenna sustained minor injuries when he was "kicked by the horses." Obviously the video tells a totally different story.

Charges have now been dropped against the college student after the shocking video surfaced.

Watch the video of the incident here.