50,000 Bees Reportedly Found in a New Jersey Apartment Building

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What's all the buzz about?

A man reportedly found 50,000 honey bees in the New Jersey apartment building he manages.

“This is the biggest spring natural colony I've ever seen. I just can't believe this," Mickey, a third-generation Beekeeper told WCBS.

When the building manager realized the colony was there, he called Mickey in to get a handle on the sticky situation.

Mickey rode to the top of the building in a cherry picker and cracked open the moulding, discovering a 6-foot hive.

“The comb that was in there was at least a couple years old. ... This colony could've been there for two, three years,” he said.

These bees kept busy, producing about 60 pounds of honey.

It took Mickey six hours and a few stings before he got to the queen. The entire colony will be taken to a farm.

According to Mickey, spring is swarm season. The bees like to come out during the first few warm days after several rainy ones.

Mickey advises that if you come across a hive, just call a professional.


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