Paul McCartney Sings for the First Lady

Sir Paul McCartney was honored at an event by the Library of Congress where he performed for the President and First Lady. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Paul McCartney serenaded Michelle Obama with an appropriate Beatles classic, "Michelle."

The President and First Lady sang along with daughters Sacha and Malia in the front row.

Then, McCartney joked about singing to the President's wife!  "I could be the first guy ever to be punched out by a president," he said.

McCartney's performance came at the end of an all-star White House tribute to the former Beatle.


Jerry Seinfeld raised a laugh about the fact that McCartney is actually "Sir" Paul McCartney.

"He's a real sir, not an I'm sorry sir, there's no more compact cars available, would you be interested in a midsize," Seinfeld said.

McCartney was presented with an award from the Library of Congress during the event, which will be broadcast on PBS next month.

The image of the President singing along may raise eyebrows. Obama is being criticized, even among his supporters, for having too many photo ops during the Gulf oil spill crisis.

Jon Stewart joked on The Daily Show, "He made time for Marv Albert?!"

But the President did address the issue at the McCartney event.  Today, the president announced he would be heading back to the Gulf for his third trip since the disaster erupted.