9-Month-Old Ring Bearer Falls Asleep While Going Down the Aisle

Offbeat - JOHANNA LI

This young ring bearer seemed to forget he was tasked with a rather big job when he fell asleep while going down the aisle.

9-month-old Maxen Pierce was asked to carry the ring down the aisle in a radio-controlled car during his parents’ wedding in Monroe, La., last month.

Instead, he appeared to fall asleep at the wheel.

“We think it’s so funny," the bride and boy’s mother Roselee Sadek told InsideEdition.com. "I didn’t know it happened. I said, ‘Why is everyone laughing?' It was already a long day for him."

The original plan was to have Maxen hold up a sign that read “Daddy, here comes mommy.”

“The remote controlled car was going so slow,” Sadek laughed. “He is a happy baby. He is always talking and laughing — that’s why it was so funny he fell asleep.”