9-Year-Old Patient Has Best Reaction When Artist Paints Mural on His Cast: 'Epic!'

Three Atlanta artists painted murals on the casts and prosthetics of three blindfolded kids.

For three kids who have undergone treatment at the Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, a little treat was in order.

The children — two who had broken bones and one who had her legs amputated — were blindfolded as three artists painted their casts or prosthetics.

Nathan, who fell off the monkey bars at school, fractured his wrist and his dad, Kareem Manuel, said the experience has been a bit tough on him.

In a video, Nathan is blindfolded as artist Rory Hawkins, aka Catlanta, creates art on his arm. Hawkins mentioned he also broke his wrist as a kid so he wanted to give back.

"Normally waking him up is such a drag, but he got up so fast on his first day back to school because he couldn’t wait to show off his cast," said Kareem. "Rory crushed it."

In the video, Nathan is thrilled once he takes his blindfold off and sees the Beyblade art on his arm.

Artist Yoyo Ferro decorated 12-year-old Kennedy Simpson's prosthetic legs with sunflowers, while Julio Ceballos painted a baseball mural on the arm of Clayton Page, 11.
"My parents always encouraged my drawing. I started cultivating my love of art from a very early age," said Ceballos. "I didn’t know what challenges these kids were facing, but I felt that whatever it was I wanted to learn from them and bring them some joy. Opportunities like this are up my alley because they’re very fulfilling and I find that just as valuable as a paycheck."