90s Tabloid Article Details Trump's Effort to Stop a Bat-Wielding Mugger

- Inside Edition Staff

While President Trump faces widespread ridicule over his remark that he would run into the scene of the Parkland school shooting even if he wasn’t armed, a report of a heroic deed from Trump’s past has surfaced.

Back in 1991, President Trump claimed he was heading to a Paula Abdul concert with then-wife Marla Maples when he noticed a mugger beating another man with a baseball bat in midtown Manhattan. He ordered his limo driver to pull over.

He yelled to the attacker, “Put down the bat!” according to the New York Daily News, under a headline that blared: "Mugger’s Trumped — Donald Stops Attack."

The mugger, recognizing Trump, retorted, “Mr. Trump, I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Trump replied: "You’re whacking a guy with a bat!"

The assailant fled the scene, and no police report was filed.

Inside Edition reached out to Maples to confirm the newspaper report but she did not respond.