Elsa from 'Frozen' Arrested in South Carolina?

Was Elsa from 'Frozen' arrested because of the cold weather?  

The cold never bothered Elsa from Disney’s animated hit Frozen and she would probably love winter to rage on, but it’s definitely bothering many people across the country with unusually frigid temperatures. Could Elsa be to blame?

The Hanahan Police Department in South Carolina thought so. The Disney princess was arrested on Monday, but not to worry it was all in good fun.

Glass Slipper Productions got the idea to create the stunt arrest after the Harland City Police Department in Kentucky jokingly issued an arrest warrant for the animated princess for the cold temperatures.

The “outlaw” must have traveled from Kentucky to South Carolina, where she was taken into custody on an unseasonably cold day for attempting to freeze the local fountain.

She was even taken into the court room for her hearing. “Our local police department is awesome and they thought it was so fun and they played along and got pink handcuffs, she got the royal treatment,” said Tammy Sakalas, the photographer who took the hilarious photos.

The professional Elsa impersonator, Courtney Fazley, works for Glass Slipper Productions and can be hired for children’s birthday parties.