Ariana Grande Shares ‘Terrifying’ Brain Scans That Show Her PTSD

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Ariana Grande Instagram

Ariana Grande is sharing her struggles with post-traumatic stress disorder.

In her Instagram stories, the 25-year-old posted a picture of her own brain scans that appear to show the effects of PTSD.

Grande called them “hilarious and terrifying.” She also posted a scan of a healthy brain, to put her own scans into context. Grande was clear that she did not actually think it was a joke.

Ariana Grande shared brain scans on social media that seem to show her PTSD.
Grande first shared a side-by-side example of the effects PTSD has on a healthy brain. Ariana Grande Instagram
Ariana Grande shared brain scans on social media that seem to show her PTSD.
Grande then shared a photo of her own brain scans, seeming to show the effects PTSD has had on her brain. Ariana Grande Instagram

It’s unclear when the scans were taken. Although she didn’t mention it in the post, many are associating the post with the 2017 terror attacks at her concert in Manchester, England, that killed 22 people and injured hundreds of others.

Grande has been vocal about her mental health since then and how she dealt with the attack.

“Trauma can leave a lasting impact in your brain and we can see it with SPECT imaging. And you can treat it with medication or therapy! But without pictures, you're throwing darts in the dark at people,' psychiatrist and brain scan specialist Dr. Daniel Amen told the Daily Mail.

“Most people are just diagnosed on symptoms, and you don't know what's really going on in their brain, which makes treatment difficult. This gives [Grande's] doctors a map to work with.”

Dr. Amen praised Grande for speaking about living with PTSD and helping to destigmatize it. "Most of mental illness is not mental, it's brain. If we don't understand that, people often don't get the help they need and people end up getting shamed.”


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